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New Orleans Neighborhoods


The neighborhoods of New Orleans are unique in their history, geography, architecture, landmarks, restaurants, shops, traditions and events.
  1. The Irish Channel
  2. French Market District
  3. French Quarter
  4. Algiers Point
  5. The Warehouse District (Arts District)(Museum District)
  6. Carrollton
  1. Treme
  2. Lakeview
  3. Faubourg Marigny
  4. The Garden District
  5. Mid-City

The Irish Channel

The Irish Channel was settle by immigrants, mostly Irish and German. Local retail meccas, Magazine Street, runs through the uptown neighborhood which is still the center of St. Patrick celebrations every March.

French Market District

The French Market District on the edge of the French Quarter includes the Mississippi River front, the historic French Market, the Flea Market, Dutch Alley, and Cafe Du Monde.

French Quarter

The world famous French Quarter in New Orleans has always been a neighborhood in the truest sense.

Algiers Point

Algiers Point is the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and is on the west bank of the Mississippi River. The Algiers ferry directly connects the neighborhood to Canal Street and the French Quarter.

The Warehouse District (Arts District)(Museum District)

The WWII Museum in the Warehouse District

The Warehouse District was once full of warehouses. Now it's one of the cultural center of New Orleans with so many Art Galleries, especially on Julia Street, that it's also known as the Arts District. And so many musuems have located in the area that it's also sometimes called the Museum District. The area is also now a true neighborhood - many of those old warehouses are not condo's - as well as a night life hot spot.


The iconic, historic green streetcars run from downtown to the heart of the Carrollton neighborhood down Carrollton Avenue passing all those streets with tree names, including Oak and Mapl. Other Carrollton features are Riverbend, the Camellia Grill, and the nearby universities.


The historic Treme neighborhood in New Orleans is known for jazz musicians, jazz funerals, second lines, Congo Square, Storyville, soul food, and more. The HBO TV series "Treme" has made it one of the most famous New Orleans neighborhoods known to the rest of the country.


Lakeview no longer has any lake view, but it's a family-friendly neighborhood that is coming back strong and with spirit since its massive flooding after Hurricane Katrina. The Lakeview Civic Association is very active especially during the post-Katrina rebuilding.

Faubourg Marigny

The historic Marigny is the newest hotspot in the New Orleans, with clubs, live music, and cafes centered on Frenchman Street. It's right next to the French Quarter.

The Garden District

The impressive mansions in the Garden District are beautiful, historic, and are a showcase of architecture styles. The historic Lafayette Cemetery is right across the street from the iconic Commander's Palace restaurant.


Mid-City is mid-way between the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain. It's a great historic New Orleans neighborhood with many New Orleans iconic restaurants and locations. It's close to everything and now there's a streetcar that will take you there.

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