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September Events, Festivals, and Things to Do in New Orleans


September in New Orleans is still really summertime. Here are some September events to check out:

1. Labor Day Weekend

Check out this list of some things to do if you stay in New orleanO for Labor Day weekend.

2. Southern Decadence

Labor Day weekend in the French Quarter is all about what people call the gay Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence.

3. Culture Collision

Any art or cultural organization in New Orleans that is worth its salt has a table at the annual Cultural Collision at the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park.  They sign up new members and promote their programs and projects. 

That seems like it would be a staid information event.  But here in New Orleans, it has turned into a huge party. There's music & entertainmenbt, food & drink, giveaways & activities.

I went to the first year of this event and the organizers were amazed at the number of people who showed up. The next year there was a line down the road before the doors opened. It continues to evolve. In 2011, there was an afterparty in the Sculpture Garden.

It is a great way to find about organizations and fall events - and it's a blast. It's generally held mid-week in early September.

4. New Orleans Seafood Festival

The annual 3-day New Orleans Seafood Festival is held in mid-September at Lafayette Square, which is between Gallier Hall and the federal courthouse, right off of Poydras St. downtown. Great music, arts & crafts, and delicious food, especially seafood, from some of the best restaurants in New Orleans. It benefits the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation.nFree admittance.

5. Ponderosa Stomp

Ponderosa Stomp is named after a song by Louisiana blues harmonica musician Lazy Lester.  It is a festival of indigenous Louisiana & Southern Music - American Roots Music - including rock & roll, blues, r&b,  jazz, country, swamp pop, and soul music. It focuses on the unsung but influencial musicians of Louisiana and the South.  Generally it's in mid September. In addition to the concerts, there's also a Ponderosa Stomp Music History Conference during the weekend

6. Burlesque Festival

Classic burlesque is celebrated - and performed - at various locations in New Orleans during the Burlesque Fest in mid-September.

7. Last Year/Sept. 2011: 9/11/01 Memorial Events

It's been ten years since the terrorist attacks on September 11.  In New Orleans and nearby Louisiana, there are various commerative events, tributes to first-responders, Patriot Day ceremonies, Blood Drives, and volunteer intiatives.  A Remembrance Garden will be dedicated on 9/11/11 in Gretna and a CathARTic Art Exhibit about 9/11 /01 near Baton Rouge continues until mid-month.

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