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November Events, Festivals, and Things to Do in New Orleans

Mirleton, Faulkner, Po-Boy, Swamp Fest, Veterans, Fringe, Renaissance...


Fringe Festival

The Fringe Fest includes art, theater, performances and strange stuff from the fringe at locations across New Orleans.

Black Friday Shopping in New Orleans

Check out this list of past shopping spots, deals and special events for Black Friday shopping, the kick off of the Christmas shopping season on the day after Thanksgiving sometimes right after midnight, although some stores now startl their events before midnight.

Bayou Classic

This annual college football rivalry of Grambling and Southern, two historically African American Louisiana colleges, is held at the Superdome and fans celebrate the entire weekend in New Orleans.

New Orleans Coffee Festival ?

Looks like there's no Coffee Fest this year. Maybe someone will wake up and revive the Coffee Fest at the Freret Market, a monthly event at the corner of Freret St. and Napoleon Avenue.

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