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July Events, Festivals, and Things to Do in New Orleans


Check out these summertime New Orleans events set during July 2012 including the Essence Festival and New Orleans unique take on the Running of the Bulls.

Essence Music Festival

The Essence Festival offers concerts including national headliners, seminars, African American cultural events, and other activities, mostly in and around the Superdome, throughout the July 4th weekend every year.

July 4th Events

Special New Orleans 4th of July events include the big fireworks display and duel on the Mississippi River, "Go 4th on the River", as well as various free concerts, celebrations, festivals, and more .. Check out the whole list of July 4th things to do as well as advice on the best spots to watch those fireworks.

The Running of the Bulls - San Fermin in Nueva Orleans

Photo courtesy of Nolabulls.com.

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans (that's New Orleans of course) has become a full weekend with parties, meals, Hemingway contests, tapas, and more in early July.

The highlight is a morning Running with the Bulls event that features our unique RollerBulls. with foam bats. It's a crazy fun run that's free IF you dress appropriately.

Check out the details about the Bull Run and other events of this Spanish-centric festival.

Bastille Day and French-Centric Events

There are a growing number of Bastille celebrations in New Orleans. Typically there are events on Bastille Day itself, which is July 14th, and during the weekends before and after the French holiday.

Activities include block parties, kids activities, film festival, formal ceremonies, singalongs and more.

Check out the schedule and make your plans.

Tales of the Cocktail

Every July, the Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans is all about cocktails, including lots of tastings.

Activities and parties are held in various locations throughout New Orleans but home base is the Monteleone. Sip and learn something at the sessions on history, literary matters, mixology, etc.

Some of the events, like the spirited dinners or gala events, can have a high price tag, but some are absolutely free. Last year there was a huge party at the World War II Museum, another at Gallier Hall and a global cocktail tour party at the Cabildo. Check out the entire varied schedule. There are various packages and tickets for sale, so you can tailor you Tales of the Cocktail experience. And come away with some Tales of your own.

"Wednesdays on the Point" Summer Concerts

Free mid-week concerts, 7 - 9 pm, starting in late June and continuing til mid-August are held at the Algiers Point Ferry Landing on the West Bank riverfront. If you are on the East Bank of New Orleans, just take the Canal Street ferry and your are there. It's a big street party with great music along with food and drink for sale and more. In 2012, July 4th happens to be a Wednesday, so expect an extra special event at the free Wednesday on the Point.

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