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Official Louisiana State Things

Animals, Food, Musical Instrument, Flowers, Gem, Fossil, Mottos and More


Louisiana has plenty of Official Louisiana State Things including the state drink, musical instrument, cuisine, fossil, gem, flower, wildflower, colors, tree, fruit and mottos. Plus there is a slew of official State of Louisiana animals, including mammal, bird, amphibian, crustacean and dog. Try to guess the answer to each title before you peek. Some are obvious and some are not what you might expect

1. Louisiana State DOG

The Louisiana State Dog, the CATAHOULA LEOPARD DOG, is a uniquely beautiful animal. They have webbed feet, exotically spotted or dabbled coast and often prized glass blue eyes. Catahoulas, he only dog breed native to Louisiana, are a mix of Catahoula Indian pet dogs and Spanish war dogs that met them in the 1500's. If you have (or want) your own Catahoula cur or other canine, check out these articles all about dogs in New Orleans

2. Louisiana State DRINK

No it's not the Hurricane or the Sazarec. Louisiana's State Drink is MILK!


Jazz is the most famous music of New Orleans and Louisiana, but the official State of Louisiana Musical Instrument is the CAJUN ACCORDION, officially named the DIATONIC ACCORDION.

4. Louisiana State INSECT

It seems like it should be the MOSQUITO or maybe even a species of ROACH, but it is a more productive and attractive Louisiana insect but one with a sting - the AMERICAN HONEY BEE.

5. Louisiana State MAMMAL

The LOUISIANA BLACK BEAR is Louisiana's state mammal, a huge animal that sometimes weighs more than 500 pounds. They mostly roam around looking for food except in the winter when they often hunker down in hollow cypress trees (the state tree).

6. Louisiana State CUISINE

OMG, how do you decide what is THE Louisiana food dish? I can't really think of a better choice. Louisiana's official state "cuisine" (or really food entree) is GUMBO. Gumbo bridges the two most famous Louisiana cuisines - Creole food and Cajun food. It's found in homes, Louisiana festivals, neighborhood cafes and New Orleans restaurants. Both have always had gumbos and they can include just about any of the great food ingredients of Louisiana from seafood to sausage to chicken and such as long as you at least - "First you make a rue"...

7. Louisiana State FLOWER

The MAGNOLIA, just like Mississippi. The Magnolia is huge beautiful white flower with a strong sweet aronma. It was named Louisiana's state flower in 1900 because there were so many Magnolia trees around the state. They are still popular and easy to find in New Orleans neighborhoods and beyond.

8. Louisiana WILDFLOWER

The beautiful LOUISIANA IRIS is the state wildflower. It grows wild in Louisiana marshes and can be found also in neighborhoods all over New Orleans and beyond. The Iris can gow to six feet tall and the colors range from light blue to deep dark indigo. One of the best places to see the Louisiana Iris in its glory during season is at New Orleans City Park

9. Louisiana REPTILE

Louisiana's state repile is the ALLIGATOR of course. They are easy to find in Louisiana, sometimes too easy when they show up in city parks or suburban parking lots. There are also alligator farms and hatcheries. Alligators are the stars of the popular swamp tours. Plus you can visit them any day at the Swamp Exhibit in the Audubon Zoo, where you can also check out the white alligators - albinos - in a special area. Nowadays, it's also not uncommon to find alligator on the menu even at fancy New Orleans restaurants.

10. Louisiana State AMPHIBIAN

Louisiana's official Amphibian is the GREEN TREE FROG and there sure seem to be lots of them around New Orleans.
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