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Louisiana 200th Birthday Bicentennial Stuff

Babies Born, Music CD, Film, License Plates, Postal Stamp, Memorabelia


The state of Louisiana celebrates its 200th birthday on April 30, 2012 and here's an assortment of Bicentennial stuff, including news about a special gift and status of any little Louisianian who is born on the birthday.

La. Bicentennial Military Parade for Veterans - New Orleans

This Veterans Day weekend parades in downtown New Orleans is set for 3 p.m. on Sat., Nov. 10, 2012. The event combines honoring all U.S. veterans along with the celebration of the the Bicentennial of the statehood of Louisiana. Over 1000 people are participating including the Washington D.C. Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps in Revolutionary War era costumes. The parade goes through the French Quarter and Warehouse District ending at the World War II Museum

New Film about Louisiana History as U.S. State

"Louisiana: 200 Years of Statehood" airs on public TV.

Bicentennial Babies

Babies born in Louisiana on April 30, 2012, Louisiana's 200th birthday, are officially Louisiana Bicentennial Babies. And they will have certificates signed by Governor Jindal and other officials in their baby book to prove it.

Each baby will also receive a Louisiana Bicentennial medal. The medal is a updated version of a medal created by Adlers 100 years ago for the Louisiana Centennial. The state seal is on one side and the shape of Louisiana is on the other.

About 200 babies are expected to be born on the Louisiana's birthday. I wonder how many will be named Louis, Louise, Nola, Claiborne or some other Louisiana-inspired name.

Bicentennial Baby honors are a initiative of the Louisiana Bicentennial Commission and the Louisiana Hospital Association.

Louisiana Music CD & Poster

The official Louisiana Bicentennial Music CD sells for about $15 and include many New Orleans musicians performing both popular and lesser known Louisiana themed songs.

The tracks include:
Deacon John – Going Back to New Orleans; Jay Chevalier – Lost in Louisiana; L’Angelus – Goin’ Back to Ponchatoula; Chubby Carrier – Come On Down to Louisiana; Jimmy Davis, Scott Innes, Nelson Blanchard – You Are My Sunshine; Jo-El Sonnier – Acadiana; Chase Tyler – Louisiana; LeRoux – New Orleans Ladies; Vince Vance – I Am New Orleans; Joe Simon – There’s A God Somewhere; Kenny Neal – Louisiana Stew; Bobby Charles – Full Moon On The Bayou; Al Hirt – Back on Bourbon Street; The Boogie Kings – I Love That Swamp Pop Music; John Fred, G.G. Shinn, Joe Stampley – Louisiana Boys; Travis Thibodaux – Louisiana State Line; Sonny Landreth – Congo Square; Lucinda Williams – Crescent City; Rick Windhorst, Christian Serpas – Next Best Thing To Heaven; Tab Benoit – When A Cajun Man Gets The Blues.

All of the proceeds of the CD will go toward funding other Louisiana Bicentennial events.

The Bicentennial Music Poster which is sold separately includes images of the Louisiana musicians heard on the CD. Both can be purchased at the Bicentennial Commission website.

Bicentennial Memorabilia for Sale

The Bicentennial Commission has an on-line shop selling a variety of commemorative items from rifles to key rings. The most expensive is a $1812 (Note the 1812 price) Bicentennial Browning Shotgun and the cheapest is a $6.95 lapel pin. Other items include the medal, Louisiana Music CD and Poster discussed above as well as Bicentennial posters, Old Fashion drinking glasses, and various silver items such as a lapel pin, key ring, and "adornAment".

Bicentennial License Plate

The Louisiana Bicentennial License Plate features a 3/4 figure of a pelican inside a green Louisiana state shape on the right with light green swamp grass rising across the bottom of the plate. "200 years" as well as 1812 and 2012 appear below the plate numbers

The special plate is automatically being issued to newly state registered cars at no additional costs til the end of this bicentennial year. If you don't have a new car and registration, but would like to have the license plate on your car, you can do so for an additional charge. Call 255.925.6146 for more information.

Film of Louisiana State History

LBP, Louisiana Public Broadcasting TV network, has produced a documentary film about the history of Louisiana since it became a part of the United States. "Louisiana: 200 Years of Statehood is narrated by native New Orleanian, Harry Connick, Jr. The documentary is first being shown in several previews around the state in spring and summer at invitation-only events. In August 2012, the film will be broadcast on LBP TV stations across the state. Here's a list of New Orleans TV and other media including which is our local LBP station.

Louisiana Statehood Postal Stamp

Master nature and wildlife photographer CC Lockwood's photograph entitled "Flat Lake Sunset" is featured on the U.S. Postal Service stamp honored Louisiana's Bicentennial. The crisp, calm image is a beautiful sunset in the Atchfalaya with Spanish moss, cypress trees- and knees - on a winter day.

< The Louisiana stamp is a "Forever Stamp" so it will be valued at whatever the current first class rate for mail. It's becomes available on Louisiana's 200th birthday, April 30, 2012 at your neighborhood Post Offices and on line. The stamp design was revealed at a December 2011 event on Kent Plantation House in Alexandria, Louisiana. Check out Lockwood's take on the stamp and his quest for the perfect photograph of the site.

La. Federal Court History Website

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana - New Orleans Federal trial court - celebrates the 200th birthday of federal courts, which coincides with Louisiana's bicentennial, with the creation of a website about the history of the federal judiciary in Louisiana.

The site covers interesting cases and documents from a case related to the Aaron Burr conspiracy and a suit against Andrew Jackson all the way up to the recent Katrina litigation. There are also actual legal documents on line, including a category labeled "Pirates".

The federal courts in Louisiana have been located at various sites around New Orleans. You may notice a plaque or two in the French Quarter noting a court site and specific trial location. Nowadays, the Eastern District Federal Court and the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court , which covers appeals from several states, are neighbors on Camp Street near the Warehouse District downtown.

Happy 200th Blog Entry

Here's the summary blog from April 2012 about Louisiana's Bicentennial.
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