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Pictures of the Oldest Cemetery in New Orleans - St. Louis No. 1


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Inside St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans
Pictures of the Oldest Cemetery in New Orleans - St. Louis No. 1

Inside St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans

c. N.A. Nungesser
St. Louis No. 1 was established in 1789 and is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans. It was once much larger than it is now. It's located on the edge of the French Quarter and contains the family tombs of many old Creole French families as well as multi-story tombs of historic immigrant societies.

Among the historic and famous people of New Orleans buried here are Governor Claiborne's family, the first mayor of New Orleans during French colonial days, the first black mayor of New Orleans, and allegedly Marie Laveau, the legendary voo-doo queen of New Orleans.

It's a wonderful place to visit and is an extremely important historic site in New Orleans. Unfortunately many of the old tombs are in need of repair and upkeep.

St. Louis No. 1 is a Catholic cemetery and still run by the Archdioese, but it has a Protestant section. Many don't realize it's still an operating cemetery with new burials.

There is some concern of safety in the cemetery especially when there are few crowds there. Taking a tour or going when all the tours are there, is the safest practice. This is one of those places every New Orleanian should take their children.

Find out more about St. Louis No. 1 at this University of Pennsylvania site, believe it or not. Its Graduate Program in Historic Preservation has done St. Louis No. 1 research and restoration work. It's includes a nice map and birds-eye view photo of the cemetery.

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