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Definition: The neutral ground in New Orleans is just our word for the median in the middle of a street. The big neutral ground in the middle of Canal Street in downtown New Orleans is apparently the reason all medians are called neutral grounds. (By the way, a planned canal, which was never built, is the reason Canal Street is so wide and the story behind it name.)

The French Creoles were living in the French Quarter and the new Americans were living in on the other side of Canal St. which is now the CDB around the turn of the nineteenth century. There were tensions between the two groups who had different lifestyles, manners, and values, but Canal St was literally the neutral ground where they met. Even the streets that didn't exist until long after those ethnic tensions have neutral grounds, never medians in New Orleans.
Also Known As: median
The New Orleans streetcars travel on the neutral grounds of Canal Street, St. Charles Avenue, and Carrollton Avenue.
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