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New Orleans Airport - Ground Transportation, Flights and Security Info

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Find out what you need to go to and from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport including flight status, security alerts, parking and cab rates, and more. It's the airport transportation basics whether you are flying, dropping off, picking up, parking long or short term or free "cell-phone", take a bus, hopping on a shuttle, taking a cab downtown or renting a car.

Flight Information from the New Orleans Airport

Click to find out the real-time status of current flights in and out of the New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport.

Cab, Shuttle, Bus or Rental Car - New Orleans Airport Transportation


How much does it cost to take a taxi cab to the New Orleans Airport? Cabs from the Louis Armstrong Airport to the New Orleans Central Business District (CBD) cost $33 for one or two people. It's an addition $14 for each additional person for three or more passengers. Sometimes there's an additional charges for extra baggage.

New Orleans Airport cabs are required to have a credit card option for passengers. That's soon to be required of all New Orleans cabs, along with other new upgrade requirements before the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans.


Bus shuttles run from the New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport to New Orleans hotels for $20 per person. A round trip ticket costs $38. Three bags are allowed per person. For information or reservations call 504.522.3500.

BATON ROUGE SHUTTLE: Tiger Airport Shuttle goes from Baton Rouge homes and offices to the New Orleans Airport. Visit www.tigerairportshuttle.com


Airport Limousines, which is the official New Orleans airport limo service, has airport rates that start at $58.


At last count, nine car rental agencies are located on the lower level of the New Orleans Airport.


The New Orleans Airport Downtown Express Bus (No. E2) picks up passengers at the airport's outside entrance number 7 on the second level. The fare is $2. The bus goes down Airline Drive through Jefferson Parish into New Orleans.

There is NO GREYHOUND BUS or AMTRAK TRAIN service to the New Orleans Airport. The train and bus station is in downtown New Orleans at 1001 Loyola Ave.

For more about transportation or other New Orleans Airport issues, call the general information number: 504.303.7500

Your Car at the Airport: Park, Pick-Up, Drop-Off

Free Cell Phone Car Lot:

If you are picking up passengers from the New Orleans airport, you can wait in your car for up to an hour until your get the call that they are ready for pick-up, at the Cell Phone Lot, located at the corner of Airline Drive and Hollandey Street.

Short and Long Term Parking Garages:

The New Orleans Airport Parking Garages are an affordable option for picking up a passenger as well as for parking long-term. There are 3000 short-term parking spots and 2,500 long-term spots in the on-site garages. (FYI-Vehicles entering the garages are subject to security search.)

The first hour for both garages is jut $2; then it's $2 for each addition half-hour. The only price difference between long and short term parking is the maximum 24-hour charge, which is just a few dollar difference. In the Long Term Garage, the maximum is $13 (going up to $14 on Jan 1, 2013). In the Short Term Parking Garage its $16 ($17 as of Jan. 1, 2013).

Ticketless Parking:

To avoid the cashier lines, go "ticketless" by inserting your credit card as designated when you enter. Your license plate will be recorded and the credit card returned. Then when you leave, use the same credit card at an XPress Pay Lane for a faster exit. (You can also pay with cash or major credit card at the cashier lanes.)

Call New South Parking at (504) 464-0204 for more information and ceck out the New Orleans Airport parking lot map and driving directions at the website link above.

Off-Site Parking:

There are also continuous shuttles to off-site parking lots at the Airport's Ground Transportation Center.

Security Information and Alerts at the New Orleans Airport

Check out the above website and for more information, call the New Orleans Airport phone line: 504.303.5004
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