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New Orleans Falstaff Brewery Sign Forecasts Weather


Did you know that the New Orleans Falstaff Brewery Sign forecasts the weather in New Orleans?

Though the brewery on Tulane Avenue no longer exists -it's now an apartment building - the tower sign is once again lighting up with coded weather predictions - for the first time in decades. So you can get a quick forecast by glancing at the tower when driving along the I-10, if you know the not-so-secret code.

The Falstaff renovation has apartments available to rent and there are plans to add commercial space and a beer garden to the project in the future. But already, it's brought back a beloved New Orleans tradition - that tower sign - that has been dark for decades. It was a rather involved process. Check out this video from ABC-26 TV news that explains the work and throws in an old black and white Falstaff commercial for lagnaippe.

The end result of the restoration work is that the Falstaff sign looks just like it did in the good old days.

And it also works just like the good old days. It provides a coded prediction for the next day's weather created by the pattern of the lighted letters spelling out F-A-L-S-T-A-F-F and the lighted orb that sits on top of the stack of letters.

There are two parts to the Falstaff Tower forecast for the following day, the orb lights and the letter lights. The pattern of the lighting up of the letters and the color of the orb are the keys to reading the prediction. You can read the forecast with just a quick glance from the road. Here's the code:

The Orb:

-If the orb is GREEN, FAIR weather is predicted.
-If the orb is RED, it's expected to be CLOUDY or OVERCAST.
-If the orb is FLAHSING RED, the forecast is RAIN.
. -If the orb is FLASHING RED & WHITE, STORMS are approaching.

The Letters:

-If the FALSTAFF letters light from the bottow UP, the temperature is predicted to be WARMER.
-IF the letters light up from the top DOWN, the temperature is predicted to be COOLER.
-If the letters are all blinking, the temperature is predicted to remain the same.
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