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Get A Louisiana Marriage License in New Orleans


Here's the skinny on how to get a Louisiana Marriage License in New Orleans, including requirements, needed documents, time limits, and judicial waivers of some requirements. You can get a license in any parish and it is good throughout the state for 30 days.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: varies

Here's How:

  1. Certified copies of birth certificates or waivers are required for both parties, as well as current picture IDs such as a driver's license, state ID or passport. Get certified copies of each party's birth certificate/card if both were born in Louisiana. If either was born out of state, a waiver may be substituted. If either was born out of the country, a passport, naturalization papers, or green card is also needed.
  2. If either party is divorced, get a certified copy of the final divorce decree. If either is widowed, get a certified copy of the death certificate.
  3. Know or bring the Social Security Number, birth dates & places of parties, the names of the parents (including mothers' maiden names) of each party. (No documentation necessary)
  4. Both parties must complete a marriage license application.
  5. If either is under 18 years old but more than 16 years old, then the written consent of both parents OR an order from a juvenile court judge is required. If between 14 and 16, the consent and juvenile court judge order are both required. (Does this ever happen nowadays?)
  6. At least one party must apply in person for the license and bring bring all the documents and information required, as well as $27.50 (in New Orleans - varies by parish) for the marriage license fee.
  7. Generally there is a 72-hour waiting period after applying for a marriage license. However, a district judge or justice of the peace may wait this requirement. I've heard that it is not difficult to find a judge to waive the waiting period, and is a fairly common practice on Valentine's Day. Tourists in are now encouraged to have a quickie wedding in New Orleans. There is effectively no waiting period for out-of-towers only and only in New Orleans.
  8. In New Orleans (Orleans Parish), apply at 1010 Common St., Suite 1245, downtown (9 am - 3:30 pm, M - F) OR 225 Morgan St., Rm 201, Algiers (9 am - 3 pm, M - F). Supposedly, licenses were to be available for those New Orleans tourist quickie weddings on Saturdays, but if so the office isn't listing it.
  9. A Louisiana marriage license is valid for 30 days anywhere in Louisiana no matter where is was issued.
  10. It's suggested that newlyweds order a certified copy of the their license a couple of weeks after the wedding to make sure that their license was properly recorded.
  11. Louisiana also has a covenant marriage option that's harder to get and harder to get out of. It limits marriage termination to specified fault grounds. There are additional requirements for a covenant marriage license includeing notarized intent statements and counseling.

What You Need

  • A future spouse of the opposite sex (La. law doesn't allow same-sex marraiges.)
  • Sufficient time on earth &/or age waivers for each party
  • Certified documents and/or waivers
  • Required picture I.D.'s
  • Social Security Numbers and information about parents, birthplace, etc.
  • Filled out forms by each party & $27.50
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