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Civic, Media & City Life in New Orleans

A guide to civic, media, and city life in New Orleans including resources and information about government, media, elections, utilities, charities, community organizations, an local issues.
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Unique Volunteer Opportunities in New Orleans
Volunteer opportunities in New Orleans include gigs a dog parades, with the New Orleans Police Department, at the Audubon Zoo, as an usher at the Performing Arts Theater, as a French Quarter Tour Guide, welcoming tourists with Mardi Gras beads at the New Orleans Airport, at Jazz fest, as an Art Museum docent, at the insectarium/butterfly...

2012 Election in New Orleans, Louisiana
2012 Election in New Orleans, Louisiana including President electors, Congress, Judges, Constitutional Amendments, Bridge Toll Issue, Taxes, Council and more.

Canal Street - New Orleans Street Names & History
Name origin and history of Canal Street in New Orleans, part of a series on New Orleans street names.

Your FAVORITE NEW THING in New Orleans
It's time for readers to Nominate the BEST NEW THING in New Orleans for a Readers Choice Awards 2012, just one of several Best of NEw Orleans or New Orleans Favorites categories.

Hurricane Season Tips
A list of practical hurricane season tips including advice preparing for power outages with refrigerators, pet issues,photographs, communication solutions, and other hurricane preparedness concerns.

New Orleans Falstaff Brewery Sign Forecasts Weather
How to decode the lights on the renovated New Orleans Falstaff tower sign and get tomorrow's weather forecast. The color and pattern of the lighted orb and letters are a code for the predicted weather.

All About Dogs in New Orleans - Dog-Friendly New Orleans
All about dogs in New Orleans and their owners including organizations, clubs, information, activities, events, dog-friendly places, resources, websites, and more.

New Orleans Low-cost Rabies Vaccination Drive for Dogs and Cats on Palm Sunday
Information a low-cost New Orleans Rabies Vaccination Drive for Dogs and Cat on Palm Sunday every year at various fire stations and other neighborhood locations.

Top Parks in New Orleans
A list of the top parks in New Orleans including city park, audubon park, the lakefront and brectal park.

Hoiday Charity - Help Others, Volunteer, Donate
A few way to help others during the Christmas holidays by volunteering or donating in New Orleans.

Free Wi-Fi Spots in New Orleans
A list of sites in New Orleans that offer free wi-fi to their customers, members, or the general public.

Recycle Mardi Gras Throws in New Orleans
A tip about recycling Mardi Gras beads and other throws through a local charity, Arc of GNO. Donate your excess throws or if you are riding in a parade, save money and buy the recycled throws.

Donate Musical Instruments to New Orleans Student Band, The Roots of Music's...
Donate Musical Instruments to New Orleans Student Band, The Roots of Music's Marching Crusaders

Louisiana Iris, the State Wildflower
Louisiana Iris, the State Wildflower

Bridge Tolls and the Ferry
The New Orleans Crescent City Connection bridge tolls, which currently subsidize the local Canal Street/Algiers Point ferry, are due to expire next year. A concern about the future of the ferry has added to the bridge toll debate.

Get your Passport in New Orleans or Anywhere in the U.S.A.
How to get a U.S. passport in New Orleans or anywhere in the country at local post offices or government offices and through the mail.

New Orleans Hurricane Preparation and Evacuation Guide
The essential information for New Orleans hurricane preparation and evacuation, including evacuation routes, disaster information Websites, emergency numbers, and more.

Why We Still Haven’t “Fixed” the Levees
We hear about the levees all the time, but what's really been done, and what's being done to take care of this most pressing issue? New Orleans can't take another Katrina, so why aren't we properly protected yet?

New In Town? Some Driving Tips!
If you're a newcomer to the New Orleans area, you may be surprised by the narrow roads with their circular layout. Here are some helpful hints.

Dealing With Car Flood Damage
Live in New Orleans long enough, and you'll end up with water inside your car. Car flood damage doesn't have to mean disaster, and there are some steps you can take to minimize the problem.

Get Your Louisiana Driver's License in New Orleans
It won't be quick, but it doesn't have to be painful to get your Louisiana driver's License in New Orleans. Just bring all your documents and know your testing materials.

New Orleans Government
The New Orleans Government City Hall website includes public notices, emergency information,code enforcements, on-line permit and license application, and payment portals for tickets and taxes.

Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
Information on the board's members and history, meetings, projects, jobs, and reporting an emergency.

Libraries in New Orleans
The New Orleans library system is still recovering from the devestation of Hurricane Katrina, with some branches still operating out of trailers. After Katrina, New Orleans and nearby parish library systemms have established reciprocal lending programs for library card holders.

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster
Times-Picayune newspaper website with the latest news, photos, and videos concerning the BP Deepwater Horizon oil drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

NOPD - New Orleans Police Department
NOPD (New Orleans Police Department) website

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office
Inmate information, job opportunities, and new updates.

Office of the Civil Sheriff
The Office of the Civil Sheriff is the official auctioneer for Civil Court-ordered sales in Orleans Parish. The site lists upcoming auctions for real estate and movables.

Voter Registration, Voting & Elections
Information on registering to vote, voting, and elections from the New Orleans Registrar of Voters office.

Elections - League of Women Voters
The League of Women Voters provides information about registering to vote, voting, and elections in the New Orleans metropolitan area. It also publishes Election Guides and sponsor candidate debates.

Humane Society of Louisiana
This organization fights animal cruelty, neglect and mistreatment with cruelty investigations, crime prevention, education and animal care programs.

Louisiana Gaming Control Board
Lists the board members, the meeting times, agendas, minutes, and updated statutes.

Parkway Partners
This non-profit organization works to improve New Orleans' green spaces, including the preservation and beautification of neutral grounds, playgrounds, parks, and community gardens. Tree, plant, and flower sales are listed under the Second Saturday Program.

Katrina Archive at the Times-Picayune
The Times-Pic keeps an online archive of stories from the hurricane and its aftermath.

Recycling Pick Up and Drop Off Programs in New Orleans
Information for New Orleans residents about recycling pick up and drop off programs in New Orleans, including how to sign up for recycling pick up and get a recycling bin or cart.

Nine Most Endangered Properties in New Orleans
The Louisiana Landmarks Society issues an annual list of the nine most endangered properties in New Orleans, which are hitorically and culturally important sites that are threatened with extinction.

All About Hurricanes in New Orleans
A list of articles, resources, and websites about hurricanes and hurricane preparedness, especially in New Orleans.

Federal City New Orleans
Federal Cigty New Orleans is the redevelopment of the Algiers Navy Base into a mixed-use, public-private project intended to make a big positive economic impact locally. The development will include government and privates offices, residences, retail shops, restaurants, a town hall, an auditorium, and more. The Marine Corps Reserve...

Get A Louisiana Marriage License in New Orleans
How to get a Louisiana marriage license in New Orleans

New Orleans Essentials
New Orleans Essentials for daily life in and background knowledge about New Orleans including information about jobs, schools, history, geography, language, government, civic issues, elections, statistics, hurricanes, films, books, celebrities, photos, and practical advice for living in New Orleans.

Where to Get a Dog in New Orleans
A top ten list of the shelters and rescue groups where you can get a dog in New Orleans, or a cat or other pet available for adoption.

Dangerous Exotic Animals Law in Louisiana
A summary article about dangerous exotic animals law in louisiana including prohibition against possessing lions,tigers, bears, other big cats, wolves, monkeys and other non-human primates as pets, as well as selling, buying, possessing or importing such animals with limited exemptions.

Your Favorite OLD THING in New Orleans
It's time for readers to Nominate the BEST OLD THING in New Orleans for a Readers Choice Awards 2012.

Readers Choice Awards - Best of New Orleans
The readers choice awards for the Best of New Orleans reflect the favorites of readers in various categories are part of the annual About.com Readers Choice Awards.

Nominate the BEST PLACE TO TAKE YOUR DOG in New Orleans - Readers Choice 2012
It's time for readers to nominate the best place to take your dog in New Orleans, whether your favorite is a dog-centric fundraiser, a festival, a canine parade, a park, a pet retail or service business, a pet-friendly bar, a dog training class, or any other place or event you and your NOLA dog love.

Nominate the BEST PLACE TO TAKE KIDS in New Orleans - Readers Choice 2012
It's time for readers to nominate their pick for the BEST PLACE TO TAKE KIDS in New Orleans for the Readers Choice Awards 2012. There are so many great places for kids to go in New Orleans - Nominate the favorite of the kids you know and love. Choices could include a Mardi Gras event, a museum, a sporting event, beignets & chocolate milk at...

Chewbacchus at Comic Con New Orleans
picture of Zoiz and more in Chewbacchus Parade at Comic Con New Orleans

New Orleans Airport = Louis Armstrong Airport = MSY
For information about airlines, flights, and all things airplane, here's the link to Louis Armstrong Airport, aka the New Orleans Airport (MSY).

Top 4 Insects that Bug New Orleans

Kiwanis in New Orleans
Kiwanis in New Orleans - Information about New Orleans Kiwanis clubs, the 2012 global convention, and information about Kiwanis volunteers and projects.

Adoption Month Celebrates Adoption and Foster Families
November is Adoption Month or Adoption Awareness Month when foster and adoption needs are promoted, including the recruitment of new foster parents and adoptive parents, celebration of successful adoptions and volunteers of the cause of children in need of homes and families.

New Orleans Airport - Ground Transportation, Flights and Security Info

New Orleans Airport II - Everything Else Beyond Transportation
New Orleans Airport information including the Lost & Found, local food and art at the airport, airport jobs, volunteers, and more, including the origin of the MSI airport identifier name.

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