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Where to Get Irish Coffee in New Orleans

Hot and Frozen Irish Coffee Drinks


Irish Coffee is not always piping hot - In New Orleans, it's often frozen. A good Irish Coffee hits the spot with the kick of whiskey and caffeine along with smooth rich flavor (and aroma if its hot). Plus it can regular your internal temperature with warming or cooling as needed.

Here are some cafes, Irish pubs, bars and restaurants in metro New Orleans where you can get an authentic hot Irish Coffee during winter cold fronts or really anytime you need to warm you soul or get a jolt or both. Plus, places for a delicious cold frozen Irish coffee whenever you want to cool down with a pick-me-up that includes a bit of a buzz.

1. Molly's at the Market

The Hot and especially the Frozen Irish Coffee drinks at Mollys at the Market on Decatur Street are practically a tourist attraction and have helped many a French Quarter hangover.

2. Mick's Irish Pub

Try a Irish Coffee at this typical New Orleans neighborhood bar on Bienville Street in Mic-City,just a few blocks from City Park Ave.

3. Morning Call

Cafe au Lait is not the only hot coffee drink at Morning Call. Irish Coffee is a good choice if you want to sit outside but it's a bit cool. (BTW, Morning Call also has an non-alcholic iced Cafe au Lait if you need to cool off in hot weather.) (NOTE: By the end of December 2012, Morning Call in the old Casino Building in New Orleans City Park was unfortunately still waiting for its liquor license. So no Irish Coffee there yet, but it should be available before the cold weather season is over in 2013.)

4. Finn McCools

This popular New Orleans Mid-City Irish bar celebrates all things Irish including hot, invigorating Irish Coffee.

5. Restaurants and Hotel Venues in New Orleans

You can get a practically perfect Irish Coffee at the great historic restaurants of New Orleans, where you may also find other more theatrical and complicated coffee drinks like the famous Cafe Brulot which involves a rather theaetrical flaming table-side production. Also, just about any fancy New Orleans restaurant (as well as many more casual spots) or high level hotel bar will make you a very nice Irish Coffee.

6. Erin Rose

Daily Specials at Erin Rose NOLA include Hot Irish Coffee for $4 and Frozen Irish Coffee for $3.50 (as of Dec 2012) from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. -- Not to mention specials for Mimosas, Screwdrivers and House Bloody Marys. 811 Conti St.

7. St. John's Coffeehouse

For an Irish Coffee or other coffee drinks on New Orleans' North Shore, try the atmospheric St. John's Coffeehouse on E. Boston Street in cool old building in Old Covington.
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