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Restaurants in the Carrollton Neighborhood of New Orleans


Restaurants in the Carrollton Neighborhood of New Orleans  include several highly acclaimed, innovative restaurants. In addition to fine dining, the neighborhood has many casual eateries.  With lots of college students around, there's also a choice of pizzas and such.

The Camellia Grill, a New Orleans landmark and tradition, is on Carrollton Ave.  Further down is the renovated Ye Old College Inn.

Many restaruants can be found on Carrollton Avenue Ave., the streetcar route, and in the Riverbend area.  Maple and Oak Streets also have restaurants and cafes. 

1. Camellia Grill

c. N.A. Nungesser

You're probably not a native New Orleanians if you haven't eaten a late night breakfast here or waited in a line outside the classic columned building during more respectable breakfast hours.

Breakfast is served anytime and my pick is a big delicious omelet, but its all pretty good.  Camellia Grill also has a variety of other food including tasty hamburgers, freshly sliced meat sandwiches, and plate lunches.  Dessert can include home-made pie slices and/or Freezies, sort of a cross between a shake, ice cream, and a snowball.

You eat at a  counter and enjoy the constant attenton and personalities of the famous Camellia Grill Waiters.  Expect a wait, from very short to long, unless you go at a really off hour or are very lucky.

2. Boucherie

 Since Boucherie means butchery, it's no surprise that this is a favorite place for meat-eater who likes everything from bacon to brisket, lthough there is also seafood and such. Smoked meats are a speciality. This gourmet restaurant started life s its upscale food from a purple van.  The Jeanette St. restaurant itself is small, popular and crowded.  It closes for August and reopens after Labor Day each year.

3. Dante's Kitchen

Another small Carrollton restaurant with superior food and fresh local ingredients.  Regular meal are great, but the weekend brunches are irresistable.  Dishes include Pot Likker eggs & grits, eggs Benedict with pork loin, shrimp & grits, roasted banana pecan pancakes, eggs with  corned beef hash or salmon, a pork belly & egg version of the BLT, bread pudding french toast, or omelettes with crab, brie or andouille. How can you choose?

4. Brigtsen's

Brigtsen's is an award winning, top-rated restaurant on Dante near the Riverbend, with a menu that changes daily,  You may have a variety of creative fish, seafood, beef, or rabbit dishes.  Whatever the dishes, you can be sure there will be fresh local ingredients as part of the menu.   The soups are fantastic.  The restaurant's motto is "Rebuiding New Orleans, one dish at a time."

5. College Inn

 Ye Olde College Inn goes back to the 1930's.  A visit used to be a kind of time travel to the good old days.  Nothing fancy. Good prices. Fast, NOLA-friendly,t and old fashioned service.  Food was sortof old-fashioned too - fairly good but nothing was worth writing home about.  But it was one of those old traditional New Orleans places you had to go to at least visit every now and then.  It was a long-time city-wide "neighborhood" restaurant.

It was hit hard by Katrina and has been completely renovated. I'm truly ashamed to say that I haven't eaten at the new Ye Olde College Inn yet.  I've heard the atmosphere is clean, modernized, and the place doesn't look  much like the old joint.  And that the menu has been modernized too.  Hope to get there soon and provide more details.  But no matter what, Ye Olde College Inn stays on the Carrollton neighborhood restaurant list.

What are your favorite restaurants in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans?

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