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Favorite King Cakes in Cafes, Coffee Shops, & Restaurants


Some of New Orleans favorite king cakes are now in cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. King cake is just a natural accompaniment to a cup of coffee. It's always been a favorite at-home and parade treat, but now you can top your meal off with a slice when you eat out at come cafes and at least one local restaurant chain.

For this new development in king cake history, sales have expanded from just whole cakes to individual servings. At many of these locales you can buy a single slice or sometimes a small single serving king cake. Some of these are prepackaged and travel easily-perfect for a lunchbox.

Locals can now satisfy their king cake cravings without getting out of the car, thanks to the drive up windows at some coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.


PJ's, a local New Orleans chain of cafes, offers a delicious king cake and they are easy to find. PJ's coffee shops are everywhere - from Canal St. to Tulane University, Belle Chasse to Covington, and everywhere in between and beyond. There are also mall, hospital, and university PJ's coffee shops.

PJ's also let's you satisfy your King Cake flavor craving without the calories. You can pick up a cup of King Cake flavored coffee instead of the cake or maybe to go with your King Cake.

Community Coffee Houses

CC's, the coffee house born of New Orleans coffee brand, also features king cakes this time of year. And CC's has also created a Carnival Cake coffee with a creamy cinnamony flavor. In fact, CC's will ship King Cake tastes of New Orleans Mardi Gras. Three King Cake varieties are available for next day shipping. The "Louisiana Living King Cake" comes with a bag of Community 12 oz Cafe Special coffee, a baby for the cake, a Geaux Cup, Carnival beads and doubloons. There's also a cakeless Mardi Gras Gift Set available from CC's/Community Coffee which includes Carnival Cake coffee and a Mardi Gras Tumbler.

New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company

New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company restaurants have hamburgers, seafood, and now king cake, in individually packaged slices for eating in or quick take out orders.
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