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Favorite Foods of New Orlean: Fruits & Vegetables


Here's a list of some of the favorite foods grown in Louisiana and metro New Orleans from Creole tomatoes to satsumas to yams to strawberries. Food sources can be closer than you may think. The best places for locavore to fine the freshest, in-season, products are the Farmers Markets, the French Market, roadside stands and farms although local grocery stores are also stocking more local produce. You can also grow some in your own backyard garden or find friends who will share their crop.

Creole Tomatoes

Creole Tomatoes are so much better than regular grocery tomatoes. Click to learn what makes a Creole Tomato. And here are some Creole Tomato recipes.

Satsuma & Other Louisiana Citrus

Satsumas, Louisiana Oranges, Kumquats, Lemons and more. Click to learn about delicious juicy Louisiana Citrus.


Click to find out exactly what is a Mirleton and about a move to restore the Louisiana heirloom variety to it's rightful place.

Louisiana Yam

The Louisiana Yam is a special food with a special right to the name Yam. It's a bit confusing, and in fact neither it nor sweet potatoes of any kind are true yams but they are also not really potatoes. Nevertheless, that delicious food called the Louisiana Yam, is "an exceptional" kind of sweet potato according to the LSU Agriculture Center. Click to ready about the whole Yam v Sweet Potato semantics issue.

Louisiana Strawberry

Fresh off the farms near Pontchatula, it's hard to imagine a better strawberry anywhere. They are the berries that created one of the most popular Louisiana Festivals, Strawberry Fest.

Louisiana Blueberry

Fresh Louisiana blueberries (and those from Mississipp too) are out-of-this-world. And if you're willing to make the drive across the lake during season to New Orleans Northshore, you can get buckets for a bargain, especially if you pick them yourself. There are more organic blueberries being grown too.

Louisiana Pecan

You can buy 'em at Farmer Markets or in the grocery store, but you may be able to find a pecan tree where you may get some freebies from a friend or relative (or at a park or on a neutralground.) I think they are best plain right out the shell, but are also delicious when candied, in pecan pies or pralines. Click for more about the state Pecan Festival up in Colfax, but there's a New Orleans area celebration at St. Rita's Pecan Festival in Harahan in November.
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