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Best Breakfast Restaurants in New Orleans


Here's a list of the best breakfast restaurants in New Orleans.This does not include our beloved beignet cafes and other donut spots.  Those fancy Sunday brunches at downtown hotels and restaurants aren't here either - except for the iconic Brennans.  Neither are the chain restaurant like Shoney's or Denny's nor the overpriced hotel breakfasts  .

These are the real breakfast places - where you can get eggs and bacon every day, often all day long.  You can also find some creative cuisine at these favorite breakfast restaurants.  Feel free to share your own suggestions about breakfast in New Orleans.

Ruby Slipper Cafe

The Ruby Slipper Cafe seemed to start the Mid-City brunch bonanza.  It serves brunch all the time and has all kinds of egg dishes to try.  There are some outdoor tables. 139 South Cortez Street close to Canal Street. 


Like the name says, Huevos (that means eggs in Spanish) has plenty of eggs and other brunch items, most with an Hispanic touch and at reasonable prices.  There are a few outdoor tables available.  4404 Banks.

Camellia Grill

c. N.A. Nungesser

It took a long time coming back after Katrina, but new ownership brought the iconic New Orleans diner back and even opened a second location.   It's in the French Quarter for the tourists who can't get uptown I guess.  I haven't eaten there so I can't judge the food or service.   I can see they've tried to recreate the diner interior, but it seems so new for something called the Camellia Grill.   The French Quarter site can't match the big white-columned  Carollton Avenue site or the memories left there. If you haven't had a memorable late night meal at the original Camellia Grill, you are probably not from New Orleans.  Expect a line during prime breakfast and lunch prime times, and sometime even late at night.  This long-time favorite diner, with the personality-plus waiters, offers breakfast  (along with the rest of its menu) all the time.   . The omelets are big and everything is good.   626 S. Carrollton near the Riverbend.


Elizabeth's has other food, but is known for its breakfast, especially pecan bacon.  604 Gallier.

Betsy's Pancake House

A real New Orleans breakfast spot, specializing in pancakes of course.  Great breakfasts, nothing fancy, good prices.  2542 Canal St.

Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes serves breakfast (and other food) 24 hours a day and promises free refills on coffee and Bloody Marys.      121 Chartres St. in the French Quarter

The Old Coffee Pot

The Old Coffee Pot brags that it has served the best breakfast, including Calas Cakes,  in New Orleans since 1894. They are open for breakfast and also serve a limited breakfast menu on the dinner menu.  Open late. 714 St. Peter in the French Quarter.

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