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Things to Do in New Orleans


Fun things to doin New Orleans including festivals, events, activities, theater shows, museums, activities,shopping,sports, restaurants, bars, food, drinks, nightlife, concerts, music, art, dog-friendly venues, day trips, outings, and more.
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  2. Arts & Entertainment Venues
  3. Activities, Outings & Events
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  3. Mardi Gras

Holidays and Event Calendars

Special events, festivals, and activities in New Orleans for holidays throughout the year, including Christmas, Mardi Gras, New Years, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Valentine's Day, Summer Vacation, and more.

Arts & Entertainment Venues

There are many places in New Orleans to get your fix of arts, theater, opera, films, music, comedy, improv, and entertainment of all kinds. And don't forget the museums, the zoo, the parks, etc., etc., etc.

Activities, Outings & Events

A big list of articles about, details of, and references for, all kinds of activities, outings, festivals and special events in New Orleans

Food and Drink

All about the shops, restuarants, and bars in New Orleans. Don't forget to check out the festivals and events in New Orleans for other food and drink options.


Shopping venues for everything from groceries to antiques to art to designer fashion.

Mardi Gras

All about Mardi Gras parades and other Carnival events in New Orleans including articles, listings, information, and resources about parade schedules, future dates, Family Gras, Lundi Gras Monday, picture galleries, dog parades, music, crafts,costumes, krewes, balls, history, traditions, and how to donate Mardi Gras beads & band instruments.

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