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Mayan Calendar 2012 Doomsday Events in New Orleans

12/21/12: "End of the World" Concerts, Apocalypse Parties, Mayan Meals and More


The Mayan Calendar Doomsday is on the Winter Solstice - December 21, 2012 - and New Orleans will celebrate, of course. Those ancient Mayans were thoughtful to have their Doomsday fall on a Friday night.

Doomsday predictions vary, but one safe bet is that New Orleans will party like it's the End of the World no matter what happens. Even Giorgio Tsoulkalos of TV's Ancient Aliens will be here.

Background: An ancient Mayan calendar has been interpreted as the end of the world, an apocalypse or doomsday, in other words, a very bad thing. But others say it's just the end of an era and a hopeful new beginning. Another Age of Aquarius? To learn more, check out the About.com's Latin American History Guide's article.

Either way, in New Orleans, Mayan Friday is just another excuse to indulge and enjoy life. What's another apocalypse here? Or another rebirth, for that matter?

Cosmic Convergence Fest

2012 Cosmic Convergence Festival opens at The Sugar Mill "on the day of the reported Mayan apocalypse in tongue-in-cheek hopes that its head-bopping tunes, atmospheric grooves, and vintage rock ‘n’ roll will stave off the end of the world."

Well, it sure couldn't hurt. And New Orleans is probably the best place to try.

The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus (which holds a DYI Mardi Gras parade among its other Sci-Fi activities) is the party's host. Come help them "appease and impress the space gods" with an awesome party.

It's 12 hours of music (Noon - Midnight) with over twenty acts on two stages named Mothership and Satellite. Giorgio Tsoulkalos of TV's Ancient Aliens is the appropriate host. Ghostland Observatory headlines at midnight.

And if you act fast, you could get a GROUP-ON deal for New Orleans Cosmic Convergence Fest tickets.

Galactic Alignment Concert

The iconic Maple Leaf Bar - which may have been around for the last Mayan era - is going with the predictions of the start of a "new era of hope and harmony" when the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012. To celebrate optimistic future, the Oak Street landmark, holds Galactic Alignment concert.


At the Apartypocolypto, the hip Metropolitan Club crowd will party in a recreated Mayan Jungle down in the Warehouse District . Mayan dress is encouraged - At least try adding feathers, seashells and the like to your outfit. There will be a champagne toast as midnight and I'm sure the party will go on whether or not 'the world as we know it' ends.
La Fin Du Monde!

Maytan Prophesies - The Movie

Take a road trip on the I-10 to Baton Rouge to learn more about great Mayan cities and Mayan astronomy, including its predictions up to 2012, in a IMAX movie. Mayan Prophecies is being shown at the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum through Dec. 30, 2012 (assuming it doesn't come to abrupt end on Dec. 21st) at various times Tuesdays-Sundays. 100 River Road in Baton Rouge. Description

Apocalypse End of the World Bang-Out

Apocalypse:: An End of the World Bang-Out:: club ampersand ::
MC DJ Beverly sKILLZ :: just $10 :: dance ;; party ;; etc.

"Farewell to the World" Mayan Dinner

Tom Fitzmorris' Eat Club is holding a Farewell-To-The-World dinner of Mayan food on Dec. 21, 2012 at the Canal St. Bistro. It will be prix fix meal from Chef Guillermo Peters, whose past experience include the best two Mexican restaurants ever in New Orleans (Taqueros and Coyoacan) according to Mr. Fitzmorris, who should know. Reservations are required.

On the menu are seven courses with ingredients such as avocado, habanero pepper, lime juice, pricklypear cactus and rose-petal salsa. (Those Mayans!) The Farewell finale is dessert: Mayan Chocolate with blackberry-agavero coulis (choco'ha) and Avocado Tequila Cheesecake, with a port.

Mayan Menu at Salu Restaurant

Salu Restaurant will offer a special a la carte Mayan menu on "end of the world" Friday. Among the selections are Mayan-inspired (or at least fancy Mexican sounding) food including a banana leaf wrapped Mahi dish, fish tacos, fancy salsa's and more including these desserts: chocolate flan and churros with Mayan choclate dipping sauce
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