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Labor Day in New Orleans

Summer Fun Ideas & Summer Decadence Weekend


In New Orleans, Labor Day is almost always hot and humid, and sometimes a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico is a concern. Nevertheless, it's the final fling of the summer, a much appreciated 3-day weekend soon after school starts. So, here are some things to do on Labor Day here in New Orleans.

Southern Decadence

New Orleans Gay Celebration, Southern Decadence, is the "gayest" time of the year in the French Quarter. Southern Decadence is always centered on Labor Day Weekend. This year the dates are Aug. 29 - Sept. 3, 2012.

Diamondhead Celebration

On Sept. 1, 2012, Diamondhead, Mississippi (An easy, fast day trip from New Orleans) is holding its first Labor Day-ish celebration, a family friendly patriot event featuring the U.S. Navy Band New Orleans,kid activities, disc golf, food for purchase and more. Limited seating so bring lawn chairs or blankets. Starts up at 4 p.m. FREE admission.

See the Animals at the Zoo, the Aquarium, or the Insectarium

Though the Audubon Institute attractions are usually closed on Monday, they are OPEN on Mondays through Labor Day. So you can visit any of the seven days of the week all summer.

And to help with New Orleans summer heat: The has late summer hours and special Cool Zoo water features to help with the heat. And the downtown Aquarium and Insectarium are inside air-conditioned venues.

Go to the Park

It's hot, but New Orleans best parks have lots of big shady trees and water features.  Have an old fashioned picnic or enjoy the special features and activities especially in City Park.

Take a Day Trip or Long Weekend

Take a drive to a nearby destination for the Labor Day weekend or just for a day.

Eat at a Destination Restaurant

Travel to a nearby destination restaurant that is well worth the drive for a mini road trip ouit of New Orleans. Double check and make sure your choice is open the day you plan to go.

Get a Snowball

If you are running around town, an occasional snowball will revive you, cool you off, and keep you going over the long weekend.

Go Out for Breakfast

You might not feel like braving the noon-day sun to go out for lunch, but there's nothing better than a great breakfast made by someone else. Start a Labor Day weekend breakfast tradition.

Fish, Boat, or Get Wet

Go fishing, water skiing, tubing, paddling, or just go out in a boat if you have access to one.   And even if you don't, try fishing from the shore.  Cool off by getting wet in a pool, at the beach, or under a sprinkler.

See Beasts of the Southern Wild at the Movies

If you feel like a celluloid escape, so to the movies. If you haven't seen it yet, maybe you can catch the indy movie made in and about Louisiana, Animals of the Southern Wild, which is winning international awards, critical acclaim, and Oscar buzz.

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