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Free Things to Do in New Orleans

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We're lucky to enjoy many great free things to do in New Orleans including free festivals, concerts, attractions, destinations, and activities. And of course, the greatest free show on earth - Mardi Gras! This fun freebie list includes always free attractions as well as special free days for museums and other attractions that usually charge for admittance.

Mardi Gras and Parades Year-Round

Mardi Gras Day all over New Orleans including the day's parades, plus Mardi Gras Carnival season Parades (including dog parades) plus all those other parades for various holidays and ethnic groups in New Orleans, like the St. Patrick Parades, Joan of Arc Birthday Parade, Christmas Parade and multi-ethnic Irish/Italian/Isleno.

Free Concerts

Free music is easy to find in New Orleans. There are free concerts in church venues (including St. Louis Cathedral), schools and other public spots.

Plus, the very popular outdoor after-work concert series that include the original free Wednesdays on the Square with top entertainment at Lafayette Square in the Warehouse District. Wednesdays on the Point is on the West Bank right by the Algiers Point Ferry landing. The events include food, drink and art vendors.

Free Museums

Some museums in the New Orleans are always free - The Statue Museum outside the New Orleans Museum of Art, The Historic New Orleans Collection on Royal St.,and Newcomb College's Art Museum. Many more have free museum days or special deals for certain visitors. Check out the whole list.

French Quarter Festival

The French Quarter Festival fills this New Orleans neighborhood with multiple concert stages, top restaurant booths and huge crowds that rival Mardi Gras. It's many locals' favorite fest and there are even some lesser known special events (also free) during this Festival.

Free Christmas and Holiday Events

Christmas, Chaunukka, St. Nicholas Day and New Year's Eve freebies in New Orleans including festivals, Papa Noel bonfires, a parade, light displays, fireworks and more.

Freebies During Jazz Fest

Believe it or not, 10 free things to do during New Orleans Jazz Fest.

White Linen Night and Dirty Linen Night

This open night of art galleries on Julia Street has grown to include a big street festival with live entertainment plus food and drink vendors - plus the art gallery shows and events throughout the Warehouse/Arts District. Wear white linen to fit in with the crowd.

Wear your dirty linen from the previous weekend's White Linen Night to the French Quarter's own art gallery event on Royal St.

City Park

There's so much to do our big beautiful City Park and lots of it is free - nature in its glory, the oak trees, the lagoons, stone bridges, the paths plus the walking/jogging trail, playgrounds, fields, art, etc. It also must be the most popular place for wedding photos in New Orleans and maybe the best place to feed the duck in the New Orleans. The Sculpture Museum in the Park outside the art museum is always free too.

Farmer Markets and Art Markets

Regular Farmer Markets also offer prepared food, demo's and entertainment. The less often Art Markets offer even more.

Creole Tomato Festival and French Market Events

The Creole Tomato Festival is in the French Market, where you can find Creole Tomatoes anytime during season. Plus, the French Market District constantly has special events, festivals, concerts, cooking demo's, talks, and more.
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