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10 Unique Birthday Party Places in New Orleans

Streetcars, Mardi Gras World, Storyland, the SPCA, Horses, Zoo, Tulane and More


Here are 10 unique Birthday Party Places in New Orleans. There are many "only in New Orleans" party places that happily cater to children, along with the typical popular kid party venues. The party places on this list have unusual, interesting and sometimes historic experiences and/or atmospheres, such as Mardi Gras World and a New Orleans Streetcar just for starters. Animal loving kids can celebrate their birthday with horses, puppies, kittens, zoo animals, butterflies, insects or zoo animals. Check out the whole list:

1. Streetcar Parties

Shake, rattle and roll! Charter a Streetcar for a true "only in New Orleans" party of any kind, including children's birthday parties. Streetcar Birthday parties are fun for young kids, teenagers and even adults. You can charter a streetcar on any of the lines - St. Charles/Carrollton, Riverfront, or Canal Street/Cemeteries. You bring your own food and can decorate the streetcar - but only using string to attach (nothing sticky). The cars hold a lot of people, so you can invite lots of people.

2. Mardi Gras World

Have a party where the Mardi Gras floats are made, tour Mardi Gras World and more. This is a very New Orleans birthday party venue. It's great for kids who can't wait for the next parade.

3. Storyland, Carousel Gardens, Amusement Rides - In City Park

There are lots of birthday party choices in just one small area of New Orleans City Park in Mid-City. Storyland offers its fairytale land for birthdays with a selection of venues along its magical paths including the Pinocchio's whale, the Cheshire Cat and the Storyland Cottage.

At the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, birthday parties can be at a single ride including the Train, Tilt-a-Whirl, Ship Maze, Monkey Jump and many more. That list includes the big, beautiful, historic Carousel, where New Orleanians have been riding the "flying horses" since the early 1900's.

4. Pawty at the SPCA

Animal loving kids will love a birthday Pawty at the Louisiana SPCA shelter in Algiers. The event includes play time with puppies and kittens, a tour of the shelter, educational presentation, and more. Plus the fee helps the homeless pets at the Louisiana SPCA, which is also one of the best places to find a new pet in New Orleans.

5. Horse Stable

Horse loving kids can have their birthday part at a real horse stable deep inside New Orleans City Park, near Lakeview. Equest Farm offers a Riding Lesson party or an Intro to Riding party.

6. Audubon Zoo or Insectarium

At the New Orleans Audubon Zoo, birthday parties can be based in air-conditioned rooms near another great New Orleans Carousel or at the new Cool Zoo area. There are also birthday party options at the Butterfly Garden and Insectarium on Canal Street in downtown New Orleans.

7. Tulane Games

Tulane's Reily Center offers birthday parties with a choice of athletic and fun activities like swimming, basketball, flag football, kickball, soccer, volleyball, relay races and other games.

8. La. Children's Museum

There are various party packages at the Louisiana Children's Museum in the New Orleans Warehouse District. Also consider just renting the Times Picayune Theater by the house as a party venue.

9. Lafreniere Carousel

If you live in East Jefferson Parish or can't get reservations at City Park's iconic Carousel, here's another option - The very nice Carousel at Lafrienere Park in Kenner.

10. Laser Tag

Laser tag amid faux Mayan Ruins is a blast. And there's a private birthday party room for singing happy birthday and such. You can also add a game of Cosmic Golf and/or Bumper Car Rides under black lights to the party.
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