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4 Top Public High Schools

In New Orleans & Jefferson Parish on National List in Newsweek


Four of our best public high schools in the New Orleans area have made the Newsweek and the Daily Beast list of Top 1000 Public High Schools in the United States. The honor goes to those schools all across the country that effectively produce college-ready graduates.

All four of the listed area schools were also within the top 400 grouping, Three of the listed schools are Jefferson Parish public schools and one is in Orleans Parish, i.e., New Orleans proper.


--No. 76 - Benjamin Franklin - It's no surprise that the long-time top magnet school in Orleans Parish would make the list. It's the only local school ranking in the double digits or the top 100. Franklin, which is now located at University of New Orleans was located for years in the old courthouse building in Carrollton. For years, it was the only magnet school in New Orleans and has long had an outstanding academic reputation.

--No. 141 - Patrick J. Taylor Science and Technology Academy in Jefferson. This esteemed Jefferson Parish High School has the right stuff and ranked among the top 150.

--No, 208 - Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies in Metairie proved just how advanced it is. It just miss the top 200 threshold.

--No. 395 - Thomas Jefferson High School which is located in old Gretna. This relatively new high school made the top 400 list and is the only West Bank school that was honored.


Among the statistics provided on these top New Orleans/Jefferson Parish schools;

All had 100% graduation rates and 100% "going to college" rates.

Student AP (Advanced Placement) average test scores ranged from 3.5 to 4.0.

Perhaps the achievement is even more impressive because these are not particularly affluent student bodies, unlike some of the listed schools in other areas of the nation. Subsidized lunch program is provided to 29 to 40% of the students at these top area schools.


The top 1000 ranked schools were honored based on scores calculated from six factors, which were obtained directly from the school administrators:

-3/4 of the score came from the four-year graduation rate, college-acceptance rate, and the number of AP/ high-level exams given per student. (AP or Advanced Placement exams provide college credit for high school students.)

-10 % each of the score came from average SAT/ACT and AP/college-level test scores count.

-5% came from the number of AP courses offered per student.


The other Louisiana School on the 1000 list - actually all were in the top 400 - were Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts in Natchitoches, Baton Rouge Charter School, and University School which is also in Baton Rouge.


Here's a list of local education websites for area colleges and universities, as well as information on New Orleans public schools.

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