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NFL Experience Event for Super Bowl Week in New Orleans 2013

12 Things To Do at the "NFL Football Theme Park"


WHAT: The "NFL Experience Driven by GMC" will be open to the public by admission throughout Super Bowl Week in New Orleans. It includes a variety of activities for kids and adults as well as opportunities to get player autographs, see iconic NFL Football items and replica venues, and more.

WHEN: It opens Jan. 30, 2013 and the Experience continues through game day.

WHERE: The Morial New Orleans Convention Centers downtown New Orleans.

TICKETS: $25 for adults (and teens); $20 for kids age 12 and under. Buy tickets on line or by phone via Tickemaster or at the box office on site which opens one hour before the Experience opens each day.

PARKING: A cash parking option is planned for $20.

Without further ado, here are a Dozen Things To Do at the NFL Experience in New Orleans during Super Bowl Week 2013.

1. NFL Play 60 Youth Football Clinics

Various NFL Play 60 Youth Football Clinics will be held at the Experience in New Orleans as well as demonstrations and competitions with coaches and players. Boy AND girls, age 6-12, can participate in the on-field clinics.

2. Wilson Football Factory

Watch game footballs being individually created at the Wilson Football Factory in the NFL Experience. You can not only watch the actualy production, you can also buy a freshly made game ball at the Football Factory. Past Wilson Super Bowl footballs are available on-line - Compare prices.
Compare Prices

3. Flag Football Rush Zone for Kids

Kids can learn the basics of Youth Flag Football at the NFL Rush Zone which will include a small scrimmage and focus on skills like catching, passing, agility, and flag-pulling.

4. Iconic Items and NFL Hall of Fame

Inside the New Orleans NFL experience, fans have the chance to see iconic Super Bowl and NFL items including the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy and Super Bowl Rings from each game, plus rare memorabilia. The NFL Pro-Football Hall of Fame will include the 2012 player bronze busts. More great photo opportunities for NFL football fans.

5. NFL Locker Room

player appearnce list - all 1888 NFL CARD starting Jan 18 28 jan 28 they will be announced the night beforeYou cs The Experience will include a replica of an NFL Locker Room on a game day.

6. NFL Command Center

At the Experience's NFL Command Center, you can meet NFL Officials and learn about the Football Officiating Academy.

7. NFL Draft

Imagine you are part of the NFL Draft by walking across an NFL Draft Stage replica with your favorite football team's Jersey.

8. Player Autographs

Players will be signing autographs for fans at the Autograph Stage daily. Call the night before to find out who is scheduled to be there the next day.

9. Kick an Extra Point

Try your hand - or rather your foot - and attempt to kick an extra point or a field goal inside the New Orleans NFL Experience.

10. You as as NFL Player

Major NFL Photo Op -- Slip inside a cast of a uniformed NFL football player in your favorite team's uniform and have a friend snap your picture.

11. Memorabilia Show

Inside the NFL Experience is a big football Trading Card and Memorabilia Show with exhibitor displays and lots of collectables.

12. Little Kid Football Fun

Downsized little kid football fun and activities in a special area for the youngest Super Bowl and NFL Football fans. There is something for all ages at the 2013 FL Experience in New Orleans.

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