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Top King Cakes in New Orleans Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

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The Top King Cakes in New Orleans Grocery Stores and Supermarkets are some of the best King Cakes. Most of these King Cakes are created by bakers at in-store bakeries. Their freshness and taste give the local storefrontbakery King Cakes a run for their money. And it's so easy to pick up a King Cake when shopping or on the spur of the moment on the way home or when heading out for a Mardi Gras parade or any get-together.


Rouse's grocery stores have regular and filled king cakes topped with a thick white icing, generous layer of colored sugar and sometimes other toppings.

Advertisements by Rouse's promote over twenty types of fillings including four new flavors introduced in 2011/2012: Red Velvet Cream Cheese, German Chocolate, Triple Chocolate Fudge and Black Forest. These hybrid desserts which seem to cross the King Cake with other decadent desserts, seem to go beyond the King Cake. Maybe they should be called Emperor Cakes or something.

The locally owned Rouse's stores are everywhere - both sides of the river and the lake, even in the once rather grocery barren spots like the Central Business District and the French Quarter. Rouse's is also happy to take orders and also ship some varieties of its King Cakes across the country.


Dorigniac's large bakery spans the front of the store. They have a variety of goodies from a variety of cookies to wedding cakes to all kinds of bread including those loaf breads with colored swirls inside that kids just love.

The sights and smells are always a temptation, but during King Cake season, it's especially hard to leave the store without a treat. has four sizes of King Cakes, from small to very large. The traditional plain cinnamon Cake from Dorignac's is great. It also offers a big variety of fillings for you non-traditionalists including fruit flavors like apple, blueberry, cherry, lemon strawberry as well as cream cheese and chocolate. By special order you can also get Bavarian cream and praline cream. The most popular has been the combo strawberry and cream cheese filling.

And Dorignac's has done it's part to bring the King Cake back to low sugar and sugar free dieters. It has a sugar free King Cake, among its many sugar free and low carb offerings. It's hard to believe a King Cake could be sugar free, but Dorignac's claims success. So far, that's the first sugar free King Cake I've seen in New Orleans and I haven't tasted it yet.

Breaux Mart

Breaux Mart bakes its King Cakes fresh everyday throughout King Cake Season, January 6 through Mardi Gras Day. The regular sized King Cakes are available in every Breaux Mart, and can also be shipped, along with a large size, across the country. (Like many shipped King Cakes, they come with Lagnaippe, in this case a pair of Mardi Gras beads, a go-cup and a flyer describing and explaining the King Cake Tradition in New Orleans.

The traditional iced and sugar-topped cake, which is sort of a rolled version with cinnamon, is a good buy at the store.

Filled cakes can have one or two flavors inside. There are also two tempting specialty filled versions, the Mudslide King Cake and the Praline King Cake.

Robert's Fresh Market

Robert's Fresh Market also offers both plain cinnamon King Cakes as well as those with fillings including Praline Pecan, Raspberry Cream Cheese, Apple, and Strawberry Cream Cheese.

And, they to can be ordered and delivered across the country (the package comes with a plastic baby (outside of the cake), Mardi Gras bead, throw cups, and a HIsotry of the King Cake story.) Out-of-towners can even order a Christmas King Cake for the holidays shaped like a candy cane with sweet sticky sugar icing sprinkled with holiday colors.

Robert's offers a variety of toppings on the King Cakes. This is a welcome and unusual aspect of King Cake choice. As a traditionalist who thinks the sweet icing takes away from the cake flavors, I especially like the No Icing traditional King cake that is just topped with purple, green and gold sugar. That's the true traditional King Cake, although nowadays most non-filled iced cakes are usually described as traditional.

At Rober's you can buy a plain cinnamon King Cake topped with a thick sweet sticky sugar icing, which is then sprinkled with the colored sugar.

The filled king cakes are topped with the colored sugar and then a swirling line of icing goes on top. You can also buy a , as well as purchased in store. Rober's also offers seasonal King Cakes, suitable for other special occasions, anytime during the year.

Whole Foods

Even Whole Foods has King Cakes in New Orleans and beyond in Louisiana. In in the past (and probably the future), both Whole Food stores had King Cake Tasting Events on or near 12th Night. Of course, Whole Foods brags that it's King Cakes are all natural with nothing artificial.


Even Winn Dixie has King Cakes in the New Orleans area and they are good.
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