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Mardi Gras Pictures from the Marigny in New Orleans


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Female Frenchmen of Frenchmen Street
Mardi Gras Pictures from the Marigny in New Orleans

Female Frenchmen of Frenchmen Street

c. N.A. Nungesser
The Marigny is a complete Mardi Gras destination now with parades, marching groups, street music and much more. There was even a giant horse - check out the picture in this gallery.

The neighborhood Mardi Gras is centered on Frenchmen Street, where a Spanish governor hung several Frenchmen long ago,and which is now the hot night spot street and center of the trendy, artsy, rather bohemian, and history, Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans. The street is full of revelers, the bars and restaurants are open, there's live music inside and out, various DIY Carnival contraptions, street food, and even couches on the sidewalk and on wheels for a rest.

It's eccentric, colorful, very DYI and creative, and fun. And here, you feel out of place if you are not in some kind of costume or mask.

I spotted several very creative costumes in the French Quarter and Canal Street, only to later see more of the same and realizing that they were from Mardi Gras groups of the Marigny. Such as this Frenchman Street Woman complete with all the French cliches including a drawn-on twirled mustache.
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