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The Historic New Orleans Collection Museum and Research Center


The New Orleans Historic Collection Museum and Research Center is all about the history and culture of New Orleans. The non-profit is a major research center, a publisher, and a museum, with rotating exhibits, tours, concerts, and special events.

The New Orleans Historic Collection is located in several French Quarter buildings centered at the Historic New Orleans Collection entrance at 533 Royal and the Williams Research Center at 410 Chartres St. .

The numerous historical records and documents attract scholars, historians, and regular folks who are researching their family history roots or the history of their old houses and other properties.



The Royal Street location has a great gift shop that offers books, jewelry, art, cards, historic reproductions, maps, ties, scarfs, and more. It's small but stuffed with treasures - sort of like the French Quarter itself.

Browsing the Historic New Orleans Collection shop is an interesting French Quarter stop in and of itself. Many items are related to museum exhibitions and New Orleans history.

You can even shop online for some of the gift shop items.

TOURS: Of the Historic Buildings that make up the New Orleans Historic Collection
(Just $5 - Offered several times a day, every day but Monday)

-Louisiana History Gallery Tour
-William Residence Tour
-Courtyards and Architecture Tour

Around Halloween, the Historic New Orleans offers Ghost Tours that describe the ghost legends throughout the French Quarter while taking a building tour.


Lots of people, including New Orleans natives, walk past the Royal Street Museum and never go in. They are missing out on extremely interesting exhibits that change frequently.It's a great place to stop when spending a day walking around French Quarter or even after having lunch. I've seen exhibits on everything from hurricanes in history, to art from a free man of color, to Spanish colonial history, to a current jewelry artist's personal and artistic history.

It's an easy and painless way to learn a little something - and maybe even develop a new interest. Visiting the Historic New Orleans Collection is not a big committment. It's not like visiting the Cabildo or any big museum. These are rather small exhibits - just a few rooms on the first floor. And did I mention its FREE. What do you have to lose?

In 2011, exhibits included "In Search of Julien Hudson: Free Artist of Color in Pre-Civil War New Orleans


This serves as a research center, but also has free exhibits on various topics. It's also the site of special events. For instance, it hosted an art exhibit and events for the Tennessee Williams Festival.

CONCERTS IN THE COURTYARD: (6-8 pm on various dates - Royal Street - $10 includes 3 beverages)

Artists in Spring 2011 included Glen David Andrews, Otra, and Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots


Among the benefits of becoming a member of the Historic New Orleans Collection is free admission to the concerts and tours.
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