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Information about Halloween Festivals, Events and Things to do for kids and adults in New Orleans, plus Halloween shopping venues like pumpkin patches and costume shops

New Orleans Most Haunted House and the Slave Torture Lalaurie Legend
Article about the Lalaurie Mansion, the most haunted house in New Orleans, including the legend of slave torture and abuse by Madam Lalaurie revealed after a fire in the mansion. It includes the Lalaurie backstory, their escape from New Orleans to Paris, an outraged mob in New Orleans, the debate over the extent and reasons for the abuse, the...

Halloween in New Orleans - Spooky Events and Things To Do
A list of events and things to do for halloween in new orleans, including haunted houses, the voo doo festival, halloween parties, vampire events, kid events, parades, dog-friendly events, ghost tours, trick or treating, and even the day after, all saints day.

Where to Get a Costume in New Orleans
Buy or Rent a Costume in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Pirate Week, Bastille Day, or anytime.

Where to Get a Pumpkin for Halloween in New Orleans
Where to get pumpkins for Halloween in New Orleans including top pumpkin patches, Jack-o-Lanterns carved by surgeons, kid activities, mazes and more.

Pictures of the Oldest Cemetery in New Orleans - St. Louis No. 1
Pictures of the oldest cemetery in New Orleans - St. Louis No. 1. The cemetery is on the edge of the French Quarter. It contains the family tombs of many old Creole French families and the graves of many famous and historic people of New Orleans. Many immigrant society tombs are here and there is now a free musicians tomb. This is an extremely...

Halloween for Kids in New Orleans - Non-Scary Fun
Less scary Halloween events for kids in and near New Orleans, including halloween parties, parades, dog-friendly events, non-scary ghost tours, trick or treating, Halloween gingerbread house and other art making and craft events.

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