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Free Christmas & Holiday Events in New Orleans

Concerts, Festivals, BonFires, Parades, Caroling, Movies & More Freebies


11. Outdoor Movies at the Riverfront

Free holiday movies will be shown on a giant inflatable screen at the New Orleans Riverwalk mall downtown outside at the Spanish Plaza on the Mississippi River bank. Call 504.522.1555 for dates more information.

12. Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

Another old Catholic tradition. St. Louis Cathedral and other churches hold Christmas Eve midnight mass. Many Protestant churches hold late night Christmas Eve services as well.

13. Holidays on the Point - The Algiers Holiday Bonfire

On Dec. 8, 2012 - Super Saturday in Algier - the historic neighborhood will be alive with Christmas Spirit with Holidays on the Point, Noel on Newton, and the annual Holiday Bonfire. Businesses throughout Algiers Point will have special events, activities, and live music as part of the celebration. There's also a Holiday Home Tour for a fee.

The annual Hubbell Library Christmas Tree and Holiday Sale will be on Sunday, November 24-25,2012, in front of Gulf Pizza, 446 Pelican Ave, Old Algiers. Buy your live Christmas tree and greens here and you'll benefit New Orleans oldest library, the Hubbell Library, which is closed for repairs currently. Baked good, art, books,jewelry and gifts should also be on sale. Usually Santa is there and Confetti Park across the street has kid activities during the day. .

14. Rock n Bowl Christmas Day Night Party

It's not free - but if you don't have the change, I bet someone in the Christmas spirit will spring for your entry fee - It's usually about 35 cents - yes cents !!It's a Christmas Day Night tradition at Rock n Bowl on Christmas Day Night. You might even find someone to buy you a drink. But your don't even need one to enjoy Benny Grunch and Bunch perform their unique, original, and beloved Yat New Orleans Christmas songs as well as other favorites. It's family-friendly and dance-friendly. If you have a bit of money, you can also drink, eat, and bowl, of course.

15. Festivus Freret Market

The Freret Market at the corner of Freret & Napoleon Avenue, holds an annual New Orleans version of the Festivus celebration. The "Freretstivus" will feature Seinfeld holiday "traditions" such as the Festivus Pole, the Airing of Grievances, and Feats of Strength. Expect lots of vendors with food, produce, art, jewelry, and collectibles, as well as music and more.

16. Scandinavian Fest and Christmas Market

The Norwegian Seamen Church Christmas Market has turned into the Scan Fest, aka Scandinavian Fest with music and more, plus unique gifts and Norwegian food for sale. It's a New Orleans holiday kick-off in early November each year. At the church on Prytania St., uptown New Orleans.
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