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Ann Nungesser

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Ann, a writer, attorney, educator, and certified tour guide, is a native of New Orleans who has lived, worked, and played in neighborhoods across the city. Visit Ann for more about New Orleans also at NewOrleansAll.com.


Ann is a contributing writer and weekly columnist for the local New Orleans newspaper, the Times-Picayune, as well as a free-lance writer, an attorney and a teacher. Ann is also a certified New Orleans tour guide.


Ann received a Bachelors degree and a Juris Doctor law degree with honors from Tulane University. As an English graduate student, Ann was in the invitational Writing Institute and Advanced Writing Institute at the University of New Orleans Graduate School. Having completed extensive courses on the history of New Orleans, Ann received a perfect score on the required examination for New Orleans tour guides.

By Ann Nungesser:

I love exploring New Orleans. There is so much to experience and learn about every aspect of life in this unique city - it's truly a never-ending adventure. No other city can match its history, culture, food, music, traditions, eccentricities, come-back stories and good times. I look for ways to make everyday life in New Orleans even more meaningful and fun! I'll share my experiences and discoveries in the Big Easy both here at at NewOrleansAll.com. Let's discover more "about New Orleans"!

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